A good substrate is essential in order to achieve strong and healthy plant growth.  There are a huge variety currently available as manufacturers have realised the importance of a planted aquarium substrate. Some key factors to remember are the two different types - Complete (meaning you need nothing more) and one's that need topping with a gravel. Both have advantages and disadvantages, and it's really a case of deciding which suits your aquascape and your budget.  Some will also effect your PH which can be advantageous for plant growth and pH.

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Superfish Easy Plant Foreground 6cm (No 1)
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ETI DiscuSoft Water Softness Tester
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API Ammo-Lock 237ml
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Anubias nana bonsai
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Interpet Freeze Dried Krill 20g
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Superfish Easy Plant Foreground 13cm (No 6)
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Superfish Aqua Flow 100 Internal Filter
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Seachem Flourish Phosphorus 4 litres
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