A good substrate is essential in order to achieve strong and healthy plant growth.  There are a huge variety currently available as manufacturers have realised the importance of a planted aquarium substrate. Some key factors to remember are the two different types - Complete (meaning you need nothing more) and one's that need topping with a gravel. Both have advantages and disadvantages, and it's really a case of deciding which suits your aquascape and your budget.  Some will also effect your PH which can be advantageous for plant growth and pH.

Recommendations for you

Neutro Inline CO2 Diffuser 12mm
39.99  29.99
Save: 10.00
Easy Aqua Lily Pipe Outflow 17mm
22.00  18.70
Save: 3.30

UP CO2 Atomiser - Nano
9.99  8.99
Save: 1.00

Neutro Inline CO2 Diffuser 16mm
44.99  33.74
Save: 11.25
Easy Aqua Lily Pipe Outflow 13mm
21.99  18.69
Save: 3.30
Anubias nana
5.50  3.30
Save: 2.20
Aquaclay Filter Media
9.99  6.99
Save: 3.00
Easy Aqua Crystal Atomiser
9.99  7.99
Save: 2.00