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Easy-Life EasyCarbo 250ml

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Model: EC1001
Manufacturer: Easy Life


Better together

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EasyCarbo is a very powerful and effective source for aquarium plants. A strong growth improvement is noticeable after 1 to 2 weeks. Usable with or without CO2 addition. Algae will have great difficulties to sustain themselves, due to a better plant growth. Very good to combine with the universal fertilizer ProFito.

The better growing plants (even Cryptocorynes or Echinodorus sp.) can compete better with algae. E.g. brush algae will disappear within several weeks.


  • aquarium with only a few plants : 1 ml per 100 litres daily
  • aquarium moderately planted : 1 ml per 50 litres daily
  • aquarium heavily planted : 1 ml per 25 litres daily
Date Added: 04/12/2014 by Rose Bunce

A good product, I know whats in the bottle. Cheaper Liquid carbon isn't always what it should be. I trust this product and can recommend. Will be buying more.

Date Added: 16/06/2014 by Thomas Littlewood

Great value for money. Works wonders.

Date Added: 11/04/2013 by Philip Ingram

a very easy way to add ectra co2 to your plants. growing well

Date Added: 18/12/2012 by Kevin Pettigrew

recommend ,use it every day ,good results .

Date Added: 09/10/2012 by Vincenzo Rodia

Good comprehensive micro fetilizer. Just be aware, depending on your tap water you may need to add phosphate and nitrate as it does not contain these elements.

Date Added: 23/07/2012 by John Whatmough

Product delivered promptly ,good customer service,too early to give definite results but already seeing algae reduction and plants looking better

Date Added: 15/08/2011 by Linda Whelan

best thing I ever put in my tank. Only thing better than watching your plants grow is seeing that algae DIE!!

Date Added: 01/12/2010 by Simon Kelleher

Works better than the Seachem equivilant. Bottle leaked in the post but was replaced without hesitation, thanks AE!

Date Added: 05/09/2010 by Stephen Walsh

Fantastic product at a great price. No more algae on the plants.

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helo ,is it good for java ferns, does it have to used daily?

It's great for java ferns and all liquid carbons need to be used daily.

Can you use this in an aquarium with shrimp



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