Easy Life AlgExit – it tackles algae

Algae is a pain, we all know this and we all try and deal with it in a variety of ways. Some people try and starve algae, others physically remove it. The real answer is to ensure you have good CO2 levels, good nutrients and good water movement. But we also know this is easier said than done.

However, sometimes the balance in a planted aquarium is changed or upset and algae grows. This is both unsightly and frustrating and whilst a quick fix is not the answer (you have to get to the root of the problem), sometimes it needs to be done. Introducing Easy Life AlgExit. I’ve not seen anything on the market before quite like it and it’s made by Easy Life who already have a fantastic range of fertilisers that are very effective. AlgExit eradicates:

  1. BBA (black beard algae)
  2. String algae
  3. Thread algae
  4. Hair algae
  5. Green algae

It’s quite an impressive line up I think you’ll agree!! I’m sure everyone of you out there have struggled with one of the above algae at some time, and I bet you would have found a bottle of AlgExit rather handy, even if it was using it for occasionally 😉

31 thoughts on “Easy Life AlgExit – it tackles algae”

  1. Richard, i have been using this for just over a week now and i have seen no changes in my tank. Can you suggest anything else? I dosed the correct amount, i know i have to dose for 4 weeks but i thought i would see some changes to the growth rate at least?


  2. Hi Alan

    There’s no mention of any problems when using with Blue Rams but if in doubt, half the dose, then work upwards and see how they go 🙂

  3. I use this stuff all the time and it works great but you need to make sure you do the full 4 weeks. I use this all the time in my tiger shrimp tank even if I don’t have any issues and it never seems to harm the shrimp. For best results add to your tank just after you have done your weekly water change. If you have a BBA problem you will see from about week 3 that the BBA will turn redish. Hair/Thread algae will start going light grey/white this means they are being killed off. Remember that you still need to do weekly water changes and the general weekly care of your tank and that your CO2 and lighting still needs to be balanced.

  4. From my experience algexit works great treating black brush algae. For the quick results of getting rid of this algae is to add algexit , co2 and stress zyme into the tank. I started to dose alg exit and add stress zyme today and my black beard algae turned red with no fish, shrimp and snail side affects . Would reccommend use these three products together. Dose algexit and stress zyme once a week after water change and dose liquid co2 daily for the faster results

  5. Hello!
    Is it ok to use AlgExit when I’m using in my filter Seachem’s Purigen at the same time? Or do I have to take out the Purigen?

  6. Please help I’ve been dosing algexit for about three weeks now still no changes, the black hair algae isn’t bad just got like spot everywhere and it looks horrible
    I’m dosing more excel and lights are on for 7 hours a day split up
    Any suggestions?

  7. Hi,
    I am an “old”, retired biochemist. My planted freshwater aquarium is an ongoing research project and I am interested to learn the biochemistry of the action of Algexit. I appreciate your reply with some input.

  8. Have been using algexit for a while , great product but you must use it for the 4 week. I now use it at half dose as a maintainance and it certainly does the job

  9. I am using AlgExit and it’s working really well. I’ve just used the second weekly dose. Do I need to keep my charcoal out of the filter for the whole 4 weeks, or can i return it after a day or two each week?

  10. Hi i have been using algexit for six weeks now has worked well except on blackbeard algea any idears.

  11. Hi I have black bush algae in my Aquarium I am going to try this but will it also kill the algae that my bristlenose and blue phantom plec eat . Thanks for your reply 👍

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