Tropical Aquarium Plants

Aquarium Plants at We provide the very best selection of tropical plants with a huge range to suit anyone either new or experienced in this hobby. Tropical plants add colour and life as they sway in the current and transform a tank into something special. Not only that but aquarium plants also act as a biological filter, absorbing impurities such as nitrogen thereby creating a more natural and healthy environment for your fish to live in. They also provide cover and security to fish and are great for covering up equipment like filters or heaters too.

Recommendations for you

API Ammo-Lock 237ml
10.49  8.39
Save: 2.10
Interpet Filter Start No. 14
4.99  2.50
Save: 2.49

Interpet Freeze Dried Krill 20g
7.49  5.99
Save: 1.50
Interpet Fresh Start No. 1
4.99  3.49
Save: 1.50
Interpet Methylene Blue No. 10
4.99  2.50
Save: 2.49

Arcadia J5 Plant Pro Lamp - 35W 30"
22.99  17.24
Save: 5.75
API Aquarium Salt 933g
5.95  4.46
Save: 1.49
Interpet Filter Aid No. 3
4.99  3.74
Save: 1.25
Seachem Flourish Phosphorus 4 litres
59.99  30.00
Save: 29.99
Hydor ETH External Heater 300W (16mm)
47.99  40.79
Save: 7.20