Wavepoint LED Strip Light Super Blue 24" - Special order

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Special order - ordered Monday for Wednesday arrival. We then send onto you later in the week.

This LED is perfect for night time viewing of fish or Marine tanks.

Are you the sort of person who when looking at their planted aquarium would love to see some shimmering and shadowing as fish swim past. Or perhaps when plants sway in the current they leave a shadow. There's nothing more natural is there?. 

But it gets better...

Not only do these lights look great, make your tank look as natural as can be, these High Output LEDs use little energy making them very cheap to run. Compare this to an single watt T5 which uses about the same wattage but kicks out about half the light and needs to be replaced far more regularly (unlike this model). Can you see why we get excited about this unit?

This LED unit is really quite superb in every way. I love the way the manufacturer has really thought about it and having seen it in action, picked it up and used it I know it's a winner (in fact we use a lot of these Wavepoint LEDs in our greenhouse so if you're ever down this way you can see them in action). I remember the first time I saw them in action, I was immediately impressed. I was surprised at how bright the LEDs were, the quality finish on the reflector won me over immediately.

Afforable, stylish and effective, it can be used in a multiple different ways such as a complete fixture, slim fixture or retrofit kit (see pictures). This means no expensive fittings to try and make it work with your tank as they all come with it! You need zero DIY skills so perfect for everyone.

All units are supplied with:

  • the aluminium light canopy
  • mounting legs to sit on top of the aquarium
  • a retro-fit kit mounting brackets & screws to fit into an existing hood

So you can see how this unit will be able to fit to your tank some way and with relative ease.

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