Vallisneria torta Bunch (mini twisted vallis)

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  • Dimensions: Approx 15-20cm
  • Model: p2021120
  • Origin: Asia
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This twisted plant is a great one for smaller aquariums that are looking for  plant which is easy to grow and a bit different. Similar to Vallisnearia asiatica but smaller, it's easy to grow and is also happy in water that is hard.

Most hobbyists use this type of plant to cover up filters or other equipment but it also looks great on it's own. Suitable for coldwater tanks as it grows in temperatures as low as 10C. Vallisneria torta bunches consist of approximately 3 stems which are approximately 15-20cm in length.

Please note Vallis consists of 3 plants per bunch which are approx 20-25cm in length.

by Toader A. on 2/10/2019

Fast delivery but not in the best condition

by John B. on 2/11/2018

The ones I bought looked very sad and with very little roots, now planted but swept out by the filter current so floating again. All the other plants in the batch look pretty good but not the valis, I will give them a while but I will be surprised if they make it.

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