Vallisneria spiralis Red Bunch (straight red vallis)

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Vallisneria spiralis "Red"  is a hardy plant suitable for the beginner hobbyist. It makes little demands in the aquarium and can grow fast when conditions are optimal. It also looks the best and adapts the most out of all other Vallis - this is why it's the only species we sell in the vallis family. Once you see it, you'll know why.

Leaves are an attractive, dark green/red when grown under optimum conditions. Great for beginners and up. All species of Vallisneria do not tolerate liquid carbon, therefore we do not recommend adding these plants to any tank using liquid carbon. Some hobbyists mistake this plant to have spiral leaves like the name might suggest but it's actually the opposite and has very straight leaves. The word 'spiralis' is the scientific name that refers to the flower stalk that corkscrews as it grows.

Can also be grown in African cichlid tanks (assuming the fish don't eat it).

by David L. on 16/8/2019

Each bunch contained several plants. After settling in, all are growing well.

by Andrew Thomas R. on 22/1/2019

Great quality plant. Well packaged. Looks great in my tank.

by John C. on 30/10/2018

Growing strongly pleased

by Julie E. on 20/10/2018

What can I say ? These plants were delivered to me in first class condition and are beautiful specimens . Well worth the money looking great in my aquarium!

by Muriel G. on 11/10/2018

Received this plant in good condition. Followed ,instructions and so far so good!

by BRYAN A. on 3/10/2018

Arrived promptly and well packaged. No damage to plants and two bunches split down to around 8 plants. Planted about two weeks ago and they're now recovering from the ordeal after a little initial melt.

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Do they melt easily?


No. Unless you add too much liquid carbon. Use half dose of that is the case and see how they get on.

Do I take this plant out of the basket to plant it please?


You do, yes

This stuff grows to huge lengths, mine is over 80 cm now and I have to hack it to bits every so often. Maybe this should go in the description.


Great idea!

How tall will this plant be when I receive it?


About 30cm

Hi what is the ideal water temp for this plant?


Ideal temp is between 22 and 28C.

Will it grow ok in just gravel?



Will this grow without planting? Just wedged into a rock? Or something similar?



Iv had some of this for about 2 months it's growing nicely upwards but doesn't seem to be spreading is there anything I can do to encourage this?


add Neutro TerraTabs underneath

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