Vallisneria spiralis Bunch (straight vallis)

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Contrary to it's name, Vallisneria spiralis is actually a straight leafed plant but very easy to grow. Probably one of the oldest plants in the hobby it asks for very little. It's good in low light, medium light or even high light and reproduces quickly. It appreciates fertilisers but is able to grow without them too (just not so well or as quickly).

Great for covering up filters or other equipment in your tank.

Vallisneria spiralis bunches consist of approximately 3 plants which are approximately 20-25cm in length

by Toader A. on 2/10/2019

Fast delivery but not in the best condition

by Amanda M. on 29/7/2019

I've written you a good review for helping me but, just to say to you, found this Vallisneris a wee bit brown and not very lush when received.

by Glenn R. on 4/2/2019

Arrived in brilliant condition a bit on the small side but seems to be growing well

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