Vallisneria spiralis Bunch (straight vallis)

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  • Dimensions: grows up to 60cm
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  • Origin: Asia
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Contrary to its name, Vallisneria spiralis is actually a straight leafed plant but very easy to grow. Probably one of the oldest plants in the hobby it asks for very little. It's good in low light, medium light or even high light and reproduces quickly. It appreciates fertilisers but is able to grow without them too (just not so well or as quickly).

Great for covering up filters or other equipment in your tank.

Vallisneria spiralis bunches consist of approximately 2- 3 plants which are approximately 20-25cm in length

Note: This plant does not come with the weight in the picture.In addition as it is a true aquatic plant there are chances of snails or snail eggs. As we buy from European stock, pesticides are never used. Whilst we do our very best to remove any that we see, we wanted to make you aware that this is a possibility.

by Sara B.
Thriving, and look very elegant.

by Neil M.
Vallis arrived fine with a few brown leaves, but suppose that's to be expected. looks like its rooting now planted , so all good.

by Jamie C.
Bought 2 qty, which equated to 4 decent sized bunches to plant. Plant arrived in very good condition. Never bought online before so was hesitant - turned out I shouldn't have been. Would & will order again.

by Dave H.
All the bunches were a bit small for the price

by Adrian W.
Very happy with this.

by Toader A.
Fast delivery but not in the best condition

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Hi, I've read a few conflicting reports regarding trimming this plant. It is growing really well and is threatening to overrun my tank. Is it OK to trim it back with sharp scissors,thanks


Hi, yes it is fine to trim it back. Regular maintenance of plants is essential.

How many would I need to start in a 240l tank?


that totally depends on the look you are after

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