Vallisneria asiatica Bunch (twisted vallis)

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  • Dimensions: Grows up to 30cm
  • Model: P2021105
  • Origin: Asia
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Vallisneria asiastica is a delightful plant with wonderful curls to it and is really an eye catcher. It also loves good lighting. A very easy to grow and keep plant although they prefer the water temperature to not be too warm. Ideal for beginners as they are so undemanding and require very little maintenance.

They will grow fine in gravel however add some root tabs for nutrients or go for a nutrient rich substrate such as Tropica Aquarium Soil. They throw off runners which can later be cut off and re-planted where ever you desire, or alternatively let them grow and spread naturally and create a curtain effect.

Vallisneria asiatica bunches consist of approximately 3 plants which are approximately 20-25cm in length.

by Roy S. on 5/4/2020

The vallisneria torta lurched two weeks ago is now growing well and producing runners. Good product excellent service.

by Panna K. on 2/3/2020

Amazing plant, arrived in very good condition, shrimps love it :)

by Darron P. on 23/2/2020

Very nice plant seems to be struggling to take in my new set up though . Great service.

by Brian G. on 10/2/2020

Very good quality plants. Excellent delivery.

by Frank Y. on 24/1/2020

Growing nicely!

by Dave H. on 25/11/2019

All the bunches were a bit small for the price

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I am new to plants in the hobby so I need to ask how should I plant these stems in my aquarium? Should I use weights?


You can do or just push them deep enough into the substrate

If the bunch you are selling is only 3 stems why does the picture show a bunch of 8 stems. Misleading, to say the least


Roughly 5 stems. Picture (as always) is for illustration purposes only 

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