Vallisneria asiatica Bunch (twisted vallis)

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  • Dimensions: Grows up to 30cm
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  • Origin: Asia
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Vallisneria asiastica is a delightful plant with wonderful curls to it and is really an eye-catcher. It also loves good lighting. A very easy to grow plant although they prefer the water temperature to not be too warm. Ideal for beginners as they are so undemanding and require very little maintenance.

They will grow fine in gravel however add some root tabs for nutrients or go for a nutrient-rich substrate such as Tropica Aquarium Soil. They throw off runners which can later be cut off and re-planted where ever you desire or alternatively let them grow and spread naturally and create a certain effect. Note that all vallis is intolerant of liquid carbon and can melt if dosing it at the same time as growing this plant.

Vallisneria asiatica bunches consist of approximately 3 plants which are approximately 20-25cm in length.

Note: This plant does not come with the weight in the picture. In addition, as it is a true aquatic plant there are chances of snails or snail eggs. As we buy from European stock, pesticides are never used. Whilst we do our very best to remove any that we see, we wanted to make you aware that this is a possibility.

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by Cassandra P.
Looks great in the tank, seems to adapt well, easily maintained.

by Petch S.
Excellent quality plants as always from this company. Prompt delivery and no damage to plants.

by Mike B.
Bought five bunches and all died within nine days. Water parameters were perfect too.


Sadly vallis can melt very quickly in new water parameters. Were you dosing liquid carbon as well? As this melts Vallis very quickly.

by Emma F.
I bought a couple of bunches of this, but most of it melted after a couple of weeks. In places new shoots are appearing from the bottom, but not nearly as much as was planted. If I can get it to grow, it does produce a nice effect in the aquarium.


It is sensitive to change so not uncommon. They do bounce back after a few weeks.

by Kathleen R.
The Vallisnneria Asiatica arrived really quickly and was in good condition. First time ordering from this company and will do so again. Thanks.

by Myra V.
Attractive plant. Growing slowly but steadily in my low tech tank (no fertilizer or CO2, moderate LED lighting).

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I am new to plants in the hobby so I need to ask how should I plant these stems in my aquarium? Should I use weights?


You can do or just push them deep enough into the substrate

If the bunch you are selling is only 3 stems why does the picture show a bunch of 8 stems. Misleading, to say the least


Roughly 5 stems. Picture (as always) is for illustration purposes only 

Is the 'bunch' 3 stems or 3 plants? If it's 3 plants, how many stems in the plant?


Generally 3 stems. So approx 6 leaves but not always.

Can this live in a cold water tank and does it need a substrate or can it be left as shown in the picture ?


We've experience of it living it 10C and it's done ok. It does day tropical but we say maybe not :)

Seems ok left as it is but always better results when planted

Hi, I notice some of your plants carry a snail warning. Would you recommend a short dip in a weak bleach solution to remove anything before planting? Can I assume that if there is no warning then there is no danger of any snails or eggs being present on that particular plant? Thanks


You can - I don't recommend it though. Snails are a natural part of the ecosystem so for me they are a welcome addition. They're also a wonderful barometer if you are feeding your fish too much (i.e. snail population grows).

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