UP 2 in 1 CO2 Diffuser and Bubble Counter

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  • Dimensions: 5x3cm
  • Model: D-530
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A high quality diffuser designed for aquariums up to 200L. Made from transparent plastic - it's almost impossible to break (a common occurrence in glass diffusers). This neat diffuser has a built in bubble counter so you can see your CO2 flow rate. In addition, the diffuser plate can be removed easily for cleaning.

Tip: Always position your atomiser at the bottom of your aquarium and in the flow of your filter so that the bubbles get pushed around your tank.

by Alex W. on 25/1/2020

Really good piece of kit. It leaked CO2 to begin with but after a few hours underwater the seal seemed to fill out and the atomiser started working perfectly.

by Andrew Duncan on 24/2/2014

I like this product a lot. It is plastic so is very durable, it has a bubble counter built in and being an atomizer produces a lovely fine mist of CO2. The disc can be easily removed for cleaning too and I imagine spares are available although AE do not have these at present. BUT, I have to knock a star off as the location of the inlet is a real pain considering it is designed for nano tanks. Given how inflexible CO2 tubing is it is not very easy to lacte this anywhere low down in the tank. It can be done but requires additional equipment.

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