Unipac Okiishi Rock OR/11

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  • Dimensions: 15x8x8cm
  • Model: OR/11 PNRE11A
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The Okiishi Rock is used for aquascaping in an aquarium. These resin rocks are flatter than other rocks and are used for creating floor protrusions.

These rocks look stunning and natural when positioned amongst larger rocks of a similar style in the range. You will be surprised at how life like these rocks look. Individually hand painted to look as natural and 'earthy' as possible. Easy to clean which is ideal if your rocks happen to get a little algae on them.

Once featured in Practical Fish Keeping Magazine.

by Alistair Officer on 11/4/2014

Excellent product. Very realistic. In the aquarium it is indistinguishable from a real rock.

by Paul Langley on 2/6/2012

Realistic looking rock, they have small holes in for gasses to escape so they don't end up floating.

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I am a bit confused when it comes to these rocks. If I ordered one of (Unipac Okiishi Rock OR/1) Is there only one rock? if I ordered two...would they look different or be the same? whats the difference with OR/3 etc etc Sorry I am very confused lol


they are all sold individually. the OR (okishi rock) refers to the product code

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