Unipac Nyasa Aquarium Sand 10kg

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A neat and vibrant mix of sand approx 1mm in size. This sand is to be placed in the base of the aquarium as a bed to house plants and provides a base for rocks, stones and other aquatic ornaments.

This versatile gravel can be used in aquariums, terrariums or even planters.

This 10kg bag is suitable for aquariums of approximately 70L.

Colour: Mix of white, black, brown, yellow and orange.

A pleasing looking aquarium awaits you...

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by Eric P.
Bit finer than I expected but now it’s in the tank it looks fantastic. Plants are able to grip tightly and it’s far easier replanting stray floating plants than before when I had big gravel. Would definitely recommend this gravel.

by Tim S.
Very fine sand easy to plant into good natural colour. Took a fair amount of washing before it was clear.

by David Barnson
I bought this sand as a replacement for Senegal sand, (discontinued), and was pleasantly surprised, perfect grain size for planting, and fishes to dig around in. Very easily cleaned too, not forgetting Aquaessentials super fast deliveries!

by Tim Moir
This Nyasa sand has a larger grain size than standard silver sand making it more manageable. The 12.5k Unipac that I bought from Aqua Essentials required very little rinsing and as soon as I had filled the Aquarium the water was crystal clear. The picture can be a little deceiving as this still has the same orange/brown colour of silver sand but with black grains making it look a little darker which is perfect for my Dwarf puffer tank. Yes I had to pay a little extra because of P&P but in my opinion it was worth it to get exactly what I wanted.

by steve Rudd
Great sand, had my wilds breeding within a week!

by Ian Sadler
the corys love it! Congo sand needs a lot of rinsing because there is very fine dust that will still go into the tank and cloud the water, even after long rinsing but it does clear and looks good

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Hi, Do you stock this Congo Sand in 25kg bags? If so how much delivered to East Sussex? Regards Bob

Nope! Postage shown at check out

Hi, Please can you tell us how many 12.5 kg bags do we need to give approx 30mm depth of sand in an Aquarium 140cm x 39cm. We want to keep Geophagus Cichlids in this Tank, and is 30mm depth of sand about right? Kind Regards, Alan and Ruth.


1 bag is good for 60l

Hello- I love this substrate!! I am located in Texas....so I need to know if there is a way to get some over here? Could you please send me some options to my email. I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks!! Chris Owner, Third Coast Tropicals (info@cichlidfarm.com)


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