Unipac Nordic Aquarium Gravel 6-8mm 2kg

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  • Dimensions: 6-8mm
  • Model: PNGS02H
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Unipac Nordic Gravel is an attractive subtle mix of gravel ranging from 6-8mm in size, so slightly larger than other Nordic gravels. It's most effective when you would scatter some of it amongst plants and rocks, and use some of the smaller Nordic gravels (available separately) to scatter on top. By using more than one size you're able to achieve a really natural look, just like you would see in the wild.

Tip: Rinse in a little cold water to remove any dust and particles before placing in the aquarium.

An attractive and subtle mix of gravel ranging from 2-3mm in size. This gravel is to be placed in the base of the aquarium as a bed to house plants and provides a base for rocks, stones and other aquatic ornaments.

This versatile gravel can be used in aquariums, terrariums or even planters.

This 12.5kg bag is suitable for aquariums of approximately 70L.

We recommend you rinse the sand in a little cold water to remove any dust and particles before placing in the aquarium.

Colour: Subtle shades of brown, beige, black and light brown.

A natural looking aquarium awaits you...
- See more at: https://www.aquaessentials.co.uk/unipac-samoa-coarse-sand-125kg-p-5202.html#sthash.Im0X4Jky.dpuf

by Rob W.
I got these in conjunction with Unipac Round Aquarium Gravel 10mm to hold down the Tropica substrate and it works a treat. I mixed the two types together and it looks natural and holds the substrate in place. Definitely wash the stones before as they were rather dusty... but they are natural stones!

by Callum Anderson
Really nice gravel but it looks lighter in real life than in the photos.

by Preeyapon Boongurd
very good quality.

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