Unipac Kivu Aquarium Sand 10kg

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  • Dimensions: Approx 1mm
  • Model: PNSN10M
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A striking and vibrant mix of sand approx 1mm in size. This sand is to be placed in the base of the aquarium as a bed to house plants and provides a base for rocks, stones and other aquatic ornaments.

Particularly popular in planted aquariums where hobbyists look to make a distinction between the substrate where the plants grow and the sand.

Very decorative and one of our best sellers. This 10kg bag is suitable for aquariums of approximately 70L.

This versatile gravel can be used in aquariums, terrariums or even planters.

Colour: Mix of white, balck and brown.

An attractive looking aquarium awaits you...

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by Arthur D.
Mixed with Limpopo to get a varied colour across the tank. Exactly right for corys.

by Bethan Howell
Great quality sand, does need a gentle rinse to remove cloudiness but no bits. Lovely mix of colours.

by Sarah Findlay
Good item. Brings out the greeness of the plants and is much less harsh on the eye than normal silica sand. Needed a substrate that was suitable for corys and this fits the bill. Used with a layer of tropica plant substrate underneath. Plants are sending out new growth very rapidly.

by David Barnson
I love this sand, I'm running twenty one tanks with nineteen of them with this sand. Plants do really well using it as a growing medium and the fishes seem to enjoy the grain size, (Dwarf Cichlids, Loricariidae and Corydoras). Lastly, it's pretty clean to begin with, not needing much rinsing before adding it to tanks.

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is this suitable for a stingray tank


Hard to tell really. It is quite a fine sand and very small.

What sand are you using at the moment?

Is there any chance of getting it any sooner ? Luke


Still loads if unipac in stock so we won't be ordering more til other stocks run low

When are new stocks due?


Not for a couple months

Hi, I have fine same at the moment but my large clown coach sends it up over plants etc, is this better as a coarser sand?


Possibly - might be worth trying if your loaches are large

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