Unipac Ice White Aquarium Sand 2kg

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  • Materials: Sand
  • Model: PCSH02H
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A stunning and dazzling mix of sand grains approx 0.1mm in size. This aquarium sand is to be placed in the base of the aquarium as a bed to house plants and provides a base for rocks, stones and other aquatic ornaments.

Coming in a handy size bag this pack is ideal for nano and small aquariums up to 15L and also as a 'top-up' when you need a little bit more.

This versatile gravel can be used in aquariums, terrariums or even planters.

We recommend you rinse the sand in a little cold water to remove any dust and particles before placing in the aquarium.

Colours: Ice White

A sleek looking aquarium awaits you...

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by laura m.
Very nice sand, good colour and no notable larger pieces, no clouding of water when added to tank, when rinsed through prior to being added the water ran completely clear. Will definitely be buying more.

by Kris Taylor
Incredible quality, I was shocked at how white this was and how fine! Thoroughly please, no dust cloud or anything when I added it to my tank

by Nan Fyfe
Looked everywhere for white sand, fantastic

by Karyn Stinson
Makes a lovely feature in my tank.

by Jenna Morton
Excellent stuff, looks great in my white Fluval Edge. Really fine sand, looks like icing sugar when wet. I sprinkle it over my wood in the tank and it looks like snow!

by George Claughan
Very happy with this product, I looked at many many sands before buying and this was the option I went with purely because of the price. I rinsed the sand before adding it and it was a little cloudy when I added it to my tank but within 3 days it had fully cleared. It looks great and for the price I am very happy, I would of paid double for this and still been happy.

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hi is the white sand suitable for marine aquariums thanks maic


It should be fine

Hi How many bags would I need for 600litre tank?

Minimum of 10

how many bag would i need for 50cm x 25cm tank?

About 15kgs

Hi can I use this for my grandson's Fluval Edge cold water tank which will probably have Fancy gold fish?

Yep no problem

HI there want to use this for a Waterfall/Sandfall - is this a 1mm grain or is it more like Playsand? Also when will you get this back in please? Appreciate it


Its very fine like salt. More due in a couple of weeks.

Is this silica sand and would it be suitable for underwater waterfall?


It would be suitable for a waterfall but it's not silica sand

How many bags for a 60 litre tank


1 x 10L

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