Unipac Granite Black Aquarium Sand 10kg

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A tasteful and striking mix of sand grains approx 0.2-1mm in size. This sand is to be placed in the base of the aquarium as a bed to house plants and provides a base for rocks, stones and other aquatic ornaments.

This versatile gravel can be used in aquariums, terrariums or even planters.

This 10kg bag is suitable for aquariums of approximately 70L.

Colours: Granite Black

A refined looking aquarium awaits you...

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by Lee H.
came very quick and well package

by John J.
fast delivery and look so good in my tank Wonts very good washing

by David Woolgar
Absolutely excellent service. I phoned to clarify colour and was given good advice on this and the quantity required. Sand arrived next day after ordering previous afternoon, and was exactly what I wanted. Will definitely use again.

by Kasey Kemp
Very pleased, looks lovely in my tank and all my plants seem to be doing really well. Couldn't ask for more

by Kate O'Neil
I haven't used the sand yet as I'm waiting for my new tank to arrive but I have opened it to admire the lovely colour. I bought two bags to cover my 4 by 1.5ft aquarium, I may need to order another bag or two. Fast delivery and excellent service, even when I was an idiot and wrote down the wrong address.

by Ian Matthews
Brought the Unipac Granite Black Aquarium Sand 12.5kg,arrived quicker than i thought.Fast delivery,keep up the good work guys :)Already in my tank. Trigon 190.Looks great,My plants look greener and fish look better.Really shows up colours well.But give it a good wash first.Great stuff :)

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Is this good to put in an tank with gold fish


yep :)

Hi, Is This sand too sharp for Corydoras? Or can you reccommend a black sand that is? thanks

Some use it with corys - it is very fine and of a small grade.

how much would i need for a 30 x 12inch tank? thanks

1 bag per 60l is a good rule of thumb

will it alter the ph kh


it may do a little but nothing to be concerned about in a planted aquarium

Is this a naturally black sand or is it coloured or coated?



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