Unipac Black Micro Aquarium Gravel 10kg

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  • Dimensions: 2-3mm
  • Model: PAGI10M
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A popular and dramatic mix of gravel approx 2-3mm in size. This gravel is to be placed in the base of the aquarium as a bed to house plants and provides a base for rocks, stones and other aquatic ornaments.

Black is always a popular colour in an aquarium as it can bring the best out of a fish, colour wise.

This bag is suitable for aquariums of approximately 70L.

This versatile gravel can be used in aquariums, terrariums or even planters.

Colours: Glossy Black.

A stunning looking aquarium awaits you...

by tom c.
Quick delivery and quality product

by Mark A.
Really great looking gravel, suits my tank setup perfectly. Both fish and plants love it.

by steve P.
love the colour, looks great against all the green plants, perfect size grain.

by David Woolgar
Great looking gravel supplied in strong polythene bag and packed in box. as recommended, it needed only minimal rinsing - just to remove a very small quantity of dust.

by Pete Allison
Fantastic fine gravel that has very little dust and muck in it. It still needs a wash and is best to use a plastic sieve to ensure that the really tiny pieces of gravel are filtered out. Fish and Shrimp love it and plants can be buried with no damage to the roots.

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hello I have purchased this gravel for my nature aquarium but been told that it is not good for cory's as when the dig around the gravel it can cause cuts to their barbels. thanks andy


Well, some hobbyists seem OK with it and corys aren't bothered. Just keep an eye on them and see how they get on :)

Is thus gravel coated


Hi, will this gravel impact PH?

Perhaps a tiny bit but nothing of any concern

Hi, my tanks 300mm x 800mm. Could you please tell me how much I would need foe a 40-50mm layer.


You need 1 bag per 50L of water

Hi, I have a an aquarium measuring (l)1500 x (w)500 x (h)600, could you please advise on quantity of gravel. Also a plant substrate to go under the gravel (if required) Many thanks.


Use 1 x 10L bag per 50L of water

Substrate to go under - https://www.aquaessentials.co.uk/colombo-flora-nutri-base-5l-p-6418.html?cPath=545_532_220

4 bag should be ok for your tank

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