Vesicularia ferriei (Weeping Moss)

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Vesicularia ferriei 'Weeping', commonly known as Weeping Moss, is believed to originate from China and has been distributed by Oriental Aquarium Plants. 'Weeping' is a fleshy, 1-3 cm tall hanging moss with teardrop-like bright green shoots. It is best attached to driftwood or roots, as its drooping growth pattern helps to create depth and contrast in the aquarium. 'Weeping' has low demands, is fast growing and should be pruned frequently with scissors to maintain an attractive shape.

by Kirsty M.
i love this moss it looks really good a dirftwood and my shrimps love this some of my fish do aswell. as always the plants from here arrived healthy and fast ive been using aqua essentials for years now i dont get my plants anywhere but here

by Karl S.
Arrived the same time as the same time as a competitor. This from Aqua Essentials was healthy, vibrant and a good amount & value for money. Everything the other wasn't. Lesson learned even if there's another plant shortage in the future.

by Phil R.
Product is exactly as described, delivery on time overall excellent product and service

by Allan T.
Well packaged and presented, super quality, highly delighted with my purchase

by Linda R.
Started to grow very quickly and is very attractive. Tying them to the rocks was a bit fiddly and I did have fronds floating around the tank. Probably down to my lack of technique.

by Danielle G.
Lovely bright green, Very healthy. I also purchased the clear line and tied the moss to some bog wood it looks lovely.

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how big is the tub?



are moss' ok with neutro co2 ?


Yes but stick to dose on bottle

Is it ok to have with co2 injected via a pressurised system then?


Yes that is fine injected C02 will help speed up any growth


Yes that is fine injected C02 will help speed up any growth

Is it easy to remove the moss from the pad and then stick it to some redwood?


it comes in a tray so very easy

Best way to stick it to drift wood


aqua fine line sold on our website

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