Taxiphyllum Spiky Moss (Peacock moss)

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  • Dimensions: 10x7cm
  • Model: 003G POR
  • Origin: Asia
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Best described as Christmas moss' big brother, but from Asia, 2-10 cm tall, rougher and bigger with deep green, branched shoots. Spiky moss does best on vertical surfaces where the branched shoots settle in. It grows fast and requires a lot of light to do well.

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by Helen T.
Huge amount of moss. Establishing really well and full of new growth. Very good value.

by Eoin B.
Received 4 portions of this. Very big portions compared to what I received from other sites .

by Rob F.
Very generous amount of moss supplied in exceptional health. First purchase from Aqua Essentials and will certainly be coming back for more!

by Justin M.
Lovely large specimen in top health very happy with this company

by John C.
Execellent plant growing great

by Samantha G.
This is the most beautiful moss I have seen, the colour is incredibly vibrant, the portion was larger than I was expecting so is great value for money!

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Is this the same as Taxiphyllum Spiky Moss Cup?

Yep! Spiky moss is spiky moss. The Tropica portions are big though.

I am planning to create a moss background wall in a fluval edge 23lt, would o be best buying it like this or in the grow pots, also how many would I need to buy the end attach to mesh?


like this is fine - each portion is good for an area approximately 15x15cm2

I find myself puzzled, in the description about this plant it says (it grows fast and requires a lot of light to do well) but on your sun/light guide is shows low light, could you please clarify which one it is?


Text has been revised - no moss grows fast but it's ok in low to higher light

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