Tropica Taxiphyllum barbieri 1-2-GROW!

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Taxiphyllum barbieri from South-East Asia is a hardy plant which makes few demands on the water or light. The moss becomes 3-10 cm thick and grows willingly on any surface, so it is ideal for decorating stones and tree roots or concealing installations in the aquarium. Attach the plant with a piece of fishing line or cotton thread until it has gained a hold on the décor. If its growth becomes too luxuriant, it can be pruned with scisors. In breeding aquariums Taxiphyllum barbieri is a wonderful hiding place for the young fish.

 1•2•Grow! Are very young plants cultivated and delivered directly from our laboratory. The plants are guaranteed to be free from snails, algae and pesticides and therefore are totally harmless for sensitive shrimp and fish. The range offers unique plants!

Success with your aquarium depends largely on the proper plant choice. In a 1•2•Grow! cup you buy a myriad of plants which can be divided into small portions and cover a larger area. Plants are compact from the start so you will experience a dense and beautiful growth, if you give them the right fertilser and CO2 from the start! The range is perfect for small and medium sized aquariums, and your patience will be rewarded...

 1-2 GROW! have a large range of different plants, some common and some rare. Check them out!

by Alison C. on 22/3/2021

This arrived very green and healthy. There was enough to cover a 12 cm x 12cm square of mesh very thinly. Only been in the tank about a week but no sign of browning and still looks healthy. I am pleased with my purchase so far.

by Peter M. on 3/12/2018

very happy with these 1-2 grow plants. These mosses have settled in and darkened up in just a few days- should do well given time.

by Julie Anderson on 4/8/2016

Fantastic healthy moss looks great.

by murat dandin on 6/7/2015

thank you very much...

by murat dandin on 3/7/2015

thank you very much...

by Karen Brooks on 9/3/2015

Always as advertised

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when I received the tropica taxiphyllum barbieri last week it was brown it still is brown but will it start to grow or is it dead?


it should be green. Pls email the office regarding this and if you have picture of it send it through so we can look at it.

hello, will this plant be ok under medium light


Yes - no problem

Hi, I have my lights on 6 hrs a day. Would this plant be ok? also I dose liquid carbon daily, would this cause any harm?


Yes that's all fine for this plant.

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