Tropica Plant Growth Substrate 1L

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Tropica Plant Growth Substrate acts as a long term nutrition store for waterplants, so ensuring magnificent and healthy waterplant growth. Plant Growth Substrate is a natural concentrate of clay and sphagnum, laid at the bottom of the gravel layer when you build your aquarium. Clay and sphagnum slowly release nutrients to waterplant roots and binds nutrition in the water in the bottom layer. Removing nutrition from water reduces the risk of undesirable algae growth.

Plant Growth Substrate is laid in a 1 cm thick layer on the bottom of the aquarium, when the aquarium is built. The table below provides recommended Plant Growth Substrate amounts for a number of standard aquarium sizes. 

A layer of gravel of minimum 3-4 cm thick is then laid over the substrate. The gravel acts as a barrier between the concentrated Plant Growth Substrate and the water. Plants are planted in the gravel in the normal way and new roots quickly form in the substrate. When planting, disturb the substrate as little as possible, to avoid clay and sphagnum particles being mixed into the water.

by Russell F. on 11/3/2019

too early to comment but seems to be ok so far after a few weeks.

by Mark A. on 20/11/2017

A great substrate that is very clean and works well.

by Mary S. on 30/10/2017

Have only just used this product in a new tank, bit Tropica has a very good reputation and lovely plants so am very hopeful that the new tank will be a success. The substrate was very easy to use, and, once covered with a good deep layer of gravel, did not cloud the water after a couple of days settling in. Onwards & upwards!!

by Stewart H. on 7/8/2017

Quick delivery,will have to wait and see how plants like it.

by Kim B. on 4/10/2016

I have only gravel in my aquarium so I am see this substrate in small pots, gravel first then a teaspoon or two put the plant in with a root tab and more gravel, so far so good.

by John Barrett on 7/12/2012

Great pruduct, good price and excellent sevice

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Hi, if I add this to my tank at 1cm deep then add 3cm of gravel on top will small plants like Cryptocoryne Beckettii or dwarf hair grass or other similar size small plants be able to root 3cm down to the Tropica plant growth substrate..... :-),


Yes that should be fine

Can I use a soil on top of this instead of gravel? Thx


What sort of soil are you thinking of?

Hi I poured a bag of this on TOP of my sand and plants! What should I do ? Looks great but obviously didnt read that it should go UNDER sand ! Please advise


Ummm, pour gravel on top?

Hi, Looking to use this in my Aquarium, Can I put sand on top of this or will it just make its way through the sand? Does the substrate need to be siphoned through every now and then (like you do with the sand /gravel )


it has to be capped with sand or gravel

Never plunge sand or gravel with a nutrient base - simply hover above it to remove debris

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