Tropica Phyllanthus fluitans 1-2-Grow!

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The Phyllanthus fluitans portion is an appealing and attractive floating fern that will grow quickly if given plenty of good light and nutrition. It will naturally multiply and spread on the top of the water. Belonging to the spurge family which primarily consists of desert plants however over the years the Phyllantus fluitans has completely adapted to a different environment.

Ideal for open-top aquariums where the beautiful red colours are shown off (especially with high light). The leaves are fairly small and green on one side and pink/red on the other side.

Note: portion size is rarely as big as the picture. In our experience, this plant often arrives with us from Tropica with less plant mass. So just a heads up if you know what I mean.

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by Vlad B.
Plants arrived with the leaves already dried and curled inside the pot, like tea leaves. And even after a couple of weeks, the plants were extremely weak with no improvement at all. Probably I received an old pot and unfortunately, it was bin time and waste of money.

by Sarah H.
Lovely floating plants, looks nice with my water lettuce and provides lots of hiding places for my fish :-) excellent product, service and delivery as always!

by Deborah H.
A lovely little floating planting. Very healthy and growing well. All the plants I have bought here have been very healthy and carefully wrapped

by Jason J.
As others as said, doesn’t look much out of the pot. Once separated slightly and given a day or two they all right themselves and sit nicely on the surface. They find their own location on the surface with some gathering at the inlet of my internal, which is quiet welcome as it aids in stopping any flake or pellets that haven’t sunk, getting drawn straight in. Not that much did due to my positioning of the outlet. Multiplying at a slow and steady pace in my low tech set up with no detrimental effect to my other plants. Pleased with this hardy but delicate looking plant!

by John W.
These plants arrived promptly but tbh did not look very impressive. Once I'd separated them I had a handful of small leaves that did float in my tank but did not look like they'd come to much. I was then away for a week and when i got back they're were already lovely waving roots trailing in the water and I'm very happy.

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