Tropica Marsilea crenata 1-2-GROW!

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This small fern comes from Asia, where it often grows in rice fields. The leaves are tiny and rarely wider than 0.5cm.
It is a hardy plant that tolerates poor light conditions and high temperatures. However, improved conditions are beneficial to the plant. Planted in small bundles that spread with offshoots. Creates a 1-3cm high and close carpet, well-anchored in the bottom layer.

Growth:   Medium
Height:  1-3cm
Light demands:   0.50 Watt per liter
 1•2•Grow! Are very young plants cultivated and delivered directly from our laboratory. The plants are guaranteed to be free from snails, algae and pesticides and therefore are totally harmless for sensitive shrimp and fish. The range offers unique plants!

Success with your aquarium depends largely on the proper plant choice. In a 1•2•Grow! cup you buy a myriad of plants which can be divided into small portions and cover a larger area. Plants are compact from the start so you will experience a dense and beautiful growth, if you give them the right fertilser and CO2 from the start! The range is perfect for small and medium sized aquariums, and your patience will be rewarded...

 1-2 GROW! have a large range of different plants, some common and some rare. Check them out!

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by Rose P.
Growing well and after a week or so it has anchored well so no floaters!

by Glynis M.
Dense and compact growth in pot as anticipated, leading to easy portioning and subsequent planting.

by Eric H.
In my case I was planting in a thankfully 20L Nano and started out with scissors and some long tweezers. I soon discovered that you will also need another pair of tweezers or forceps to keep the plant in place whilst you extract the other tweezers. Also a cup of your substrate to pour over the said plant before you extract the tweezers. Otherwise, because there is very little root formation on these, it will simply pop out and float to the surface. You will also need a net to remove all the leaves that break away while you are doing all of this. I bought enough to also put some in my 175L tank, but given this experience I didn’t bother. In short, in terms of ease of use and the little video produced by TMC, I think the product has insufficient root formation to make planting easy. Even if you were planting in an empty tank, I suspect that unless you add a small amount of water and leave in several days to form proper roots, they will also pop up when you fill your tank. Conventionally

by Seweryn P.
nice plant, received in good condition, excellent service from AE .

by Graham G.
Better than the last time I ordered this product; but still not 100%..

by Roo C.
Great little chap. The roots were a little short so not quite ready to cut into bundles. Easily fixed by weighing him down with a coin for a few days until the roots grew in, then cut, separated and planted. Is already sending off some beautiful shoots; am seeing something new every day.

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