Tropica Littorella uniflora 1-2-GROW!

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Littorella uniflora is a very recognisable aquarium plant and if you're looking for a plant that stands out a little, this little beauty could be just for you. A slow growing plant, Littorella uniflora will stay under 5cm making it an ideal carpeting plant. It grows slowly so bear this in mind when choosing the number of pots you need. As it grows, it sends out runners and these then turn into somewhat fleshy leaves which are about 2-3mm in thickness. When you have a thick carpet of Littorella uniflora it looks super special.

Easy to grow, ideal for beginners and with low light demands, you can't really go wrong with a pot (or two!) of Littorella uniflora.

by Andrew P. on 24/12/2019

I have had this plant in the aquarium for 3 months. It is an interesting plant, but in a completely unsupplemented low-tech aquarium planted in aquasoil, this is a "slow dying" plant rather than a slow-growing plant. There has been little to no spread, some very modest vertical growth, and plants are now slowly browning/dying off. I have initiated a programme of Neutro T and Neutro CO2 and will see if this can turn this plant around.

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