Tropica Limnobium laevigatum 1-2-GROW! (amazon frogbit)

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Limnobium laevigatum from South America is a decorative floating plant that is particularly suitable for open aquariums. 1-5 cm tall and leaves from 5-15 cm wide. It is also good in traditional aquariums, because the fine, long and decorative roots provide protection to gouramies and other surface fish that like the roots of floating plants. If there are enough nutrients in the water and the light intensity is good, new leaves will appear above the water surface.

by Brenda N. on 14/4/2021

Great healthy plants and now getting nice and big in aquarium! Great for baby guppies to hide in!

by George i. on 3/4/2021

Another excellent product from the team??????????

by Olivia M. on 12/1/2021

I wish we would add pictures.. My frogbit within 4 days, the roots have grown so long and new leaves are already sprouting and I've removed any dead leaves today! Loving this site so far and this was my first purchase! It's very green when the dead leaves are removed. Thank you for the frogbit! I'm new to "aquascaping" so I was excited and still excited with more things coming!

by Michael W. on 8/3/2020

There is a lot of plant for you tank here. I bought it and spread it across 3 tanks all around 35L. I'm convinced that it's reduced my nitrates by at least 10ppm of not more. In fact i'm just amazed that my levels have dropped after adding them, very happy as this was one of the reasons I bought it. The other was to provide some canopy for my bettas.

by Donato N. on 13/11/2019

Well happy with these floating plants

by Dan L. on 30/9/2019

Great quality and healthy looking plant!

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Would this grow well in a Fluval Edge 46 litre aquarium (it's the tall fluval edge)? I have lowered the water level to around 1 inch under the top glass of the Edge (to add better oxygen flow).


Should be fine

This might be a silly question but what's the defrayed between 1,2 grow and the other kind?


Tissue culture plants are grown in a laboratory- others are grown in greenhouses 

Should I leave my lid off my aquarium when adding Amazon frogbit.


It's better for the plant that way

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