Tropica Hygrophila 'Araguaia' 1-2-GROW!

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“Araguaia” is a river system in Brazil and it is under this name that the plant has become known. There are many signs, however, that the plant is a Hygrophila lancea from Japan and Hong Kong. The stem becomes 10-20 cm tall and 6-15 cm wide. It has compact, tight-sitting leaves and grows branches easily. Pinching of the stems maintains a bushy look. The plant is reddish brown to purple in colour and is promoted by good growth conditions. The growth rate is average for a Hygrophila.

Growth:   Medium
Height:  -
CO2 demands:   6-14 mg per liter
Width:   -
Light demands:  0.50 Watt per liter

 1•2•Grow! Are very young plants cultivated and delivered directly from our laboratory. The plants are guaranteed to be free from snails, algae and pesticides and therefore are totally harmless for sensitive shrimp and fish. The range offers unique plants!

Success with your aquarium depends largely on the proper plant choice. In a 1•2•Grow! cup you buy a myriad of plants which can be divided into small portions and cover a larger area. Plants are compact from the start so you will experience a dense and beautiful growth, if you give them the right fertilser and CO2 from the start! The range is perfect for small and medium sized aquariums, and your patience will be rewarded...

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by David H.
Arrived in excellent condition and easy to plant, growing nicely in the tank. Although the plant is small it will grow and a big plus you can split the plant into 6 pieces or less so your actually getting more than one plant for the price of one.

by Ozeer A.
Good plant

by Andrew Culley
It's growing but very slowly even though it said 30cm in 30days on the packaging.

by Mrs Christine Blackwood
I have been plagued with snails when buying plants from other suppliers so it is nice to have some that are snail free and very healthy. I will watch the plants grow with great pleasure knowing that they won't be eaten from the bottom up.

by Reka Burmeister
Great value for money, though it's a bit of a pain to plant the little stems individually it's well worth it. After a few weeks they are forming a beautiful red carpet taking up about 20 cm in my tank.

by Robert Whipp
Brilliant service. Excellent product

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how long can I keep this in the tub as I can only set up my tank next week?

Put it somewhere cold where it has good light and it's fine for 2-3 weeks

This plant seems to uproot all the time, have i done something wrong or is there another reason


Not really - just add more gravel/substrat around the plant to anchor it down

Thanks, I think its my corys uprooting them

What is the green plant behind Alternanthera reineckii 'Mini' in the secondary picture. Wayne


Pogostemon erectus - we sell it under the potted plant section

Do you send to Brazil jQuery183007385558844543993_1386089582829? I want too much this plant.


Yes - but we send plants at your own risk.

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