Tropica Cryptocoryne crispulata 1-2-GROW!

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Aquarium plant from tissue culture in closed cup.

Cryptocoryne crispatula var. balansae is from the limestone mountains of Southern Thailand, where the water can be very hard. It is not very demanding, but appreciates a nutritious substrate and good light. Like many other Cryptocorynes it needs to acclimatize before growth starts in earnest.

Leaves becomes 20-60 cm long and the single roset plant becomes 15-20 cm wide. Place it in the rear part of the tank, from where the leaves may float beautifully on the water surface. The leaves are either entirely green or maroon.

by Gary W. on 4/4/2021

Arrived with two other crypts(both others potted and doing well),divided into three separate plants,started melting on the first day and by the start of day three there was absolutely nothing left even the roots had gone,won't be getting any more 1-2 grow crypts again although the potted ones are fine and have shown no signs of melt whatsoever.

by Richard A. on 15/3/2021

Great quality and a good number of planes in the pot and so far zero Crypt melt

by Richard A. on 4/3/2021

Great quality plants and loads in a little pot, all are growing very quickly. Excellent service from Aqua Essentials again

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