Tropica Aquarium Soil 9L

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Aquarium Soil is used for planning a new aquarium. It is a complete bottom layer, which can be used without any other types of bottom layer so no need to cap with gravel etc.
  • Aquarium Soil is a complete bottom layer, which can be used without any other types of bottom layer
  • The grain size of 2-3 mm makes it easy for planting
  • Aquarium Soil ensures proper growth and stimulates red colours

How to use the product:

Aquarium Soil ensures good and active growth from the beginning, and boosts the red plant shades.

It is a complete substrate, which can be used without any other types of bottom layer.

Aquarium Soil is further an active bottom layer that lowers the pH value and slightly affects the water chemistry.
We recommend that you change 25-50% of the water min. twice a week during the first 4 weeks after establishing the aquarium.

How do I calculate the quantity of Soil or Soil Powder needed for my tank?

  • Measure your tank’s length and width in cm, for example 90 x 60 cm.
  • Consider the thickness of the bottom layer you want, e.g. 8 cm.
    Make the layer thicker towards the rear wall for a great visual effect!
  • The calculation to do is length x width x layer divided by 1000.

In our example, 90 x 60 x 8/1000 = 43,2 L Soil/Soil Powder needed

by david H. on 3/2/2019

re- scaped my tank and used this and it really looks brill, have made hills and slopes with it and looks really good, plants doing well!

by Lee A. on 19/11/2018

Love the texture of this soil, looks cracking and my hair grass is already shooting out runners. Very happy

by David C. on 4/4/2017

I really like this aqua soil, it looks great in the tank and brings out the colours of the plants a treat. A little pricey, but you only buy it once. I purchased 2 x 9L bags for my 3ft tank and I think I will need to buy another 3L bag. Just to give the roots more room to set.

by Joelle Maurice on 22/4/2016

I only got a slight ammonia spike after adding this to my my already established tank. Plants are doing well (although I also add other fertilisers and route tabs). My only criticism is that it's quite light and can be easily disrupted (I have half sand half soil substrate, and the sand always has bits of soil on it / covering it!)

by Rhona Port on 3/4/2016

This is a lovely substrate and really picks out other features added to an aquarium as well as also supplying nutrients to living plants. As it is more comprehensive nutritionally than most other substrates it is the first choice for me when setting up a scape (I was pleased to know it comes in a chocolate colour) but prefer black for contrast.

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hello, Do you use this product by its self or do you use it with a gravel layer over the top? many thanks.....


By itself only - no need to top

Hello, does it leak ammonia into the water like ADA aquasoil or any other chemicals? I'm re-scaping my current tank and have a fully cycled tank with established filter media. How soon can I add the fish back into the tank after adding this substrate? Thank you.


There's no mention of it leaking anything like ammonia. So assuming your tank is fully cycled you can add fish immediately

What colour is it? How does it compare with columbo florabase which I now need to replace. When will you have more. My tank is 150 litres so need 2 x 9litre and one 3litre.


Black. Very similar to Colombo. I recommend 3 bags instead. More due end of week

I have a 140l tank on order and I'm wanting to keep the costs down on this aquascape, do you recon I could get away with two of these bags and a 3L bag?


sadly not. You would need 20 litres.

How many bags would you need for a 190l tank



By how much would the PH be lowered by using this substrate?


It stabilises at roughly 6.8

is this good for growing plants and helping them root, or should I add it over the top of Tropica Plant Growth Substrate for best results? also do you need to wash it before you add it to the aquarium?also do you have any idea when it will be back in stock?


it's an amazing substrate. To tubo charge it you can add the Tropica plant substrate underneath.

You don't wash it. 

More due shortly (pls subsribe to the back in stock notification)

How many bags would I need for a 34L tank?


about 5L

Is this Shrimp safe?



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