TMC AquaGro Compact CO2 Diffuser 20mm (EOL)

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A compact CO2 diffuser for planted aquariums up to 100L.

This CO2 diffuser from TMC allows CO2 to be diffused into aquarium easily. The simple set up is perfect for hobbyists new and old and because it's made of durable plastic, there's little chance of breakages.

Diffusers have long been used in planted aquariums - from about 1985 the concept was thought about from the number one Aquascaper in the world, Takashi Amano. Since then, a huge variety of sizes and shaped have been designed but in terms of function, they all act in a similar manner.

Key benefits:

  • Simple design
  • Easy installation
  • Made of high grade plastic so won't break
  • Can be used as a bubble counter
  • Contains suction cup
  • Removable diffuser plate
  • Cleans easily

A common problem with glass diffusers (apart from breaking) is cleaning the ceramic plate. Most diffusers have embedded plates so if they become dirty or algaefied, they have to be dipped in bleach. Over time this erodes the ceramic plate. The TMC AquaGro Compact CO2 Diffuser has a plate that can be removed and replaced (see replacement plates below). This means less time cleaning, and more time diffusing CO2.

A must for any planted aquarium hobbyist.

Treat yourself today.

by Phillip Arrowsmith on 21/4/2013

I love the idea of being able to replace the diffusing plate and it's a neat enough little device, although not a patch on the glass products for looks. However, it doesn't sit quite tight enough in the sucker so it takes a bit of fiddling with the hose to get it to stay upright in the tank.

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