The Red Mixed Box - 6 Plants

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The Red Mixed Box consists of a mixture of 6 'Red' plants selected by the Plant Manager here. They will be a beautiful selection of plants that will bring your aquascape to life.

Red plants in the aquarium are highly desirable due to the instant impact they bring to the aquascape. They can be a little bit more demanding due to their need for high light which is how they get their colour. Without this strong light, the colour intensity will fade gradually.

Provide these plants with plenty of good fertilisers and good lighting and you will be pleased as punch you chose a box!! 

The picture shows a 'typical' Red Mixed Box however that does not mean you will get the exact plants in the picture. You will however get Red plants!

by Vernon H. on 10/12/2018

excellent value

by Stephen T. on 1/11/2018

Great product when your not sure what to get. Plants delivered in excellent and healthy condition, very well packed,good selection of lush plants. Would have been even better if you had the option to choose your own choice of mixed plants if preferred. Would definitely recommend and will be back for more.

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