TetraMin 2 Week Holiday Food 30g

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Make sure your fish don't go hungry with this holiday food. Takes the worry out of wondering if your fish are going to be OK.

  • Healthy nutrition for up to 14 days
  • Patented feeding block with essential vitamins, trace elements, minerals and tasty daphnia
  • The tetra feeding block is 100% edible
  • Long term solid in the water without polluting the water

by Neil M. on 16/2/2018

Good product

by Neil Davis on 17/1/2013

Fish seem to love it.

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We have a 46l tank (the tall Fluval Edge) with 5 Endler Guppies and 5 Amano shrimp, would we need to break this into a smaller portion for a 2 week holiday or would the TetraMin Weekend food be a better option for a smaller tank?


how long are you going away for?

No holidays planned at the moment but want to try first as I am in two minds as to whether blocks are better than auto feeders. The longest time would be around 2 weeks but would be good to have advice for shorter periods please.


Try a feeding block and see how you go. They're pretty economical so not much to lose.

There's the weekend food block too which sounds like might be what you're after.

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