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Produced specially for more advanced fishkeepers, who want to feed the very best diet to their fish, TetraPro is produced using an updated process that allows the introduction of a specific benefit into the middle of each crisp. The resulting two-colour crisps allow the delivery of visible benefits to fish, in a complete diet.

There are three foods in the TetraPro range, each providing a complete daily diet for tropical fish but with different specific benefits...

TetraPro Colour offers a complete diet for tropical fish with the added benefit of extra colour enhancement. The unique spotted Colour Crisps are packed with carotenoids (colour enhancers) to optimise the natural colours of tropical fish.

Any one of the TetraPro range can be fed as a complete diet to fish.

TetraPro Colour is the first food to deliver extra colour enhancement within the advanced crisp format.

by Trevor W. on 6/8/2019

My fish love this food. It has really brought out the colours of my golden barbs. The flakes need to be crushed for smaller fish.

by Andy Wilson on 11/8/2012

Good food, good price reliable service from Aqua Essentials

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