Tetra Fresh Delica Krill

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All fish benefit from the occasional treat food as a supplement to their usual diet. Fresh foods, such as frozen bloodworm, are popular treats, but have the disadvantage of needing to be kept in the freezer. In addition, they are quite messy to handle, and do not have a complete nutritional profile.

Tetra FreshDelica foods have all the freshness of other treat foods, but do not need to be kept in the fridge or freezer, and they do not need to be handled. In addition, they are enriched with vitamins and nutrients.

How it Works.

Tetra FreshDelica foods are preserved in sachets, which means that they do not need freezing to retain their freshness. Because they are presented in squeezable sachets, they also do not require handling.

Contains 16 x 3g sachets

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by Alan S.
Fish love it, upsets my community tank with the squabbling for the food

by Gillian S.
Probably the first time my fish have had krill, but they love it. Now well used to those dollops of food that arrive in the water and slowly drop down. Catching them falling is first on their agenda, followed by lots of diligent hunting in the gravel for any they missed. Yes, they love this!

My fish love this. Try wiping the linside of the empty sachet with a finger. Even the most timid fish will come to your hand to feed.

by Stephen Gosney
Please see my review for the daphnia product in the same range. Excellent!

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Are the OK for saltwater fish


I dont see why not

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