Tetra Fresh Delica Bloodworms

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Natural food - 16 sachets with blood worms in a nutritious gel enriched with vitamins, trace elements, proteins and fats.

- nutritional value is up to three times higher than that of frozen food
- shelf life of up to two years without cooling
- no added preservatives
- no water clouding or contamination, the gel is completely absorbed
- sterilised packaging process and therefore germ-free
- promotes interaction with the fish
- enriched with high-quality tuna oil

Contains 16 x 3g Sachets

by Stephen G. on 30/1/2019

I've reviewed these food products before, (also the brine, daphnia and krill). However, the fish love these nutritional extras, so I fully recommend them!

by BRYAN A. on 3/10/2018

Arrived promptly and well packaged. A dozen sachets that last for 2 or 3 feeds each, so excellent value. I find dropping a few blobs into a net and then shaking it through the water breaks it up nicely.

by BRIAN L. on 3/4/2018


by Stephen D. on 20/2/2018

Excellent product, well packaged and delivered quickly. Product information supplied was excellent.

by Ian S. on 15/8/2017

This is a very easy to use food or treat for all fish. The box contains small foil sachets, which have a very long lasting shelf life. You can hand feed your fish at the top of the water, by squeezing the packet gently. If you squeeze a little harder, it comes out quicker and falls to the bottom. Ideal for bottom feeders like catfish. All my fish go crazy for these bloodworms.

by Stephen G. on 13/10/2016

Please see my reviews for the other products in this range. They are all excellent, and the fish just can't get enough of them! A great substitute for flakes, and it's always good to vary a diet.

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