Taxiphyllum 'Spiky' Moss (Peacock moss)

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  • Dimensions: 10x7cm
  • Model: 003G POR
  • Origin: Asia
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Best described as Christmas moss' big brother, but from Asia, 2-10 cm tall, rougher and bigger with deep green, branched shoots. Spiky moss does best on vertical surfaces where the branched shoots settle in. It grows fast and requires a lot of light to do well.

by Eoin B. on 25/4/2019

Received 4 portions of this. Very big portions compared to what I received from other sites .

by Rob F. on 25/6/2018

Very generous amount of moss supplied in exceptional health. First purchase from Aqua Essentials and will certainly be coming back for more!

by Justin M. on 12/6/2018

Lovely large specimen in top health very happy with this company

by John C. on 27/3/2018

Execellent plant growing great

by Samantha G. on 9/8/2017

This is the most beautiful moss I have seen, the colour is incredibly vibrant, the portion was larger than I was expecting so is great value for money!

by Roo C. on 4/11/2016

Turned up in amazing condition, not a spot of brown. Used most of it to make a moss tree - it's very easy to bundle and tie, since every shoot has a clear 'root' that you can gather strands from. I dropped the leftovers into a tank near the window where it's happily regrowing. Lovely plant.

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Is this the same as Taxiphyllum Spiky Moss Cup?

Yep! Spiky moss is spiky moss. The Tropica portions are big though.

I am planning to create a moss background wall in a fluval edge 23lt, would o be best buying it like this or in the grow pots, also how many would I need to buy the end attach to mesh?


like this is fine - each portion is good for an area approximately 15x15cm2

I find myself puzzled, in the description about this plant it says (it grows fast and requires a lot of light to do well) but on your sun/light guide is shows low light, could you please clarify which one it is?


Text has been revised - no moss grows fast but it's ok in low to higher light

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