Superfish Triangular Shrimp Net

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  • Dimensions: 6cm diameter, 34cm long
  • Model: A4040207
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You're probably looking at this net thinking is it worth it or not - afterall it's only a net. Well you'd be wrong! We use these nets to capture our shrimp and it takes half the time as ordinary nets which are cumbersome and awkward when catching invertebrates.

This net moves around the water quickly and easily with no problems and you can scoop shrimp up in seconds without them escaping. They're quite shallow nets so it's easy to inspect the shrimp too.

Ideal for catching any size shrimp, young or old. Once you've tried this net, you won't look back.

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by Kay G.
A lovely tiny little net, the smallest I've ever found. I use it to catch a detached leaves, as causes less turbulence, meaning less disturbance to plants and fish

by Tony K.
nice little net thanks

by Craig m.
i was after a net for my shrimp tank i saw some in my local aquatic store they were very expensive around £10 then i found this online at aqua essentials for £2 do's the job perfectly and saved me £8

by Craig M.
I was going to buy a "shrimp" net from another well known brand but then found this one and glad i did as it saved me £10 i can recommend it to other shrimp keepers 10/10

by Amanda R.
The net is not as deep as in the picture and at a diameter of 6 cm you could only really catch very small shrimp in this so it was unsuitable for my purposes.

by Holly Morris
Thoguht it would be fine mesh, but it's quite open. I'd worry about shrimp feelers and legs getting caught in the gaps of this but it does the job if you're careful. Nice long handle and small net makes it easy to get into small places. This item would have gotten 5 stars if the mesh was finer.

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How small are the holes in the mesh fabric?


Very small. What's your concern?

Would the mesh be small enough to be suitable to catch fry from livebarers like swordtails?


Most likely 

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