Superfish Snail Catcher

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Are snails a problem with your aquarium? If they are, don't worry - you're not alone. It's extremely common in planted aquariums because snail eggs are laid under water on plant leaves. However the Superfish Snail Trap is the ideal solution for removing those frustrating snails in your tank.

Once you've placed the trap in your tank and waited a short while you'll be amazed at the difference. Snail Bait is included so you can be up and away in no time.

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by William C.
Don’t waste your money this is a snail attractor and has no way of trapping snails there are a lot better products on the market.

by Ron Hagley
My daughter asked me what she could use to get rid of a snail problem in her tropical tank. I saw thia on AE website so took a punt. She has sent me a picture of the snails congregating on the trap - she is well impressed but realises she wil need to continue using it for a while till all eggs have hatched and been trapped.

by Joan Best
Tried this left it overnight in the morning it was full of snails so for me it was very good .also came next day always fantastic service from this company 10/10 ty

by Mark Stockton
Super little gadget does what it says on the box.

by Gerald Jones
At last a snail remover that works, albeit slowly. But the who is in a hurry if it works? Extremely prompt delivery.

by Patricia Woodall
Very easy to use, the snails love it. Thankyou

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Would it catch bigger neirite snails ?


No only small snails.

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