Superfish Shrimp Home - Medium

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  • Dimensions: 7x6x6cm
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This Shrimp Home is a cute little shelter only suitable for shrimp. It has faux moss on it which is bright green and means no maintenance is required - it actually looks quite natural too which is a bonus.

It's easy to imagine your shrimp happily crawling around in these tubes, feeling very safe and secure that no other fish can try and snack on them. Everything needs a home after all and your shrimp will just love it and they will happily graze over it making sure it stays algae free. Although they are small you could easily get 30 shrimp in them if they felt the need to snuggle up next to each other!

Treat yourself and your shrimp today.

by Mike G. on 30/9/2017

Only seen my shrimp on not in, but they seem happy to keep the outside clean ;)

by Amy Bousfield on 6/8/2015

Brilliant, blends in well with live plants, bought for shrimp but the plec seems to have claimed it as his

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