Superfish Plant Tweezers - 27cm long

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  • Dimensions: 27cm
  • Model: a4060530
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Superfish Tweezers are made of stainless steel and due to their length make planting very easy in a small to medium sized aquariums. It's much easier to use tweezers when planting a tank as it avoids disturbance into the substrate.

by Andrew P. on 2/11/2019

Good product. Easy to use, reasonable length. Note: should be spelled 'tweezers'!

by Brian B. on 24/3/2019

Good product and certainly makes planting smaller plants easier. Have not yet tried on larger specimens.

by Eric P. on 26/2/2019

Nice sturdy pair of tweezers. Worth buying every time I had to re-plant a wayward plant. Not too brilliant at larger plants with a fair root cluster but it’s always possible it was operator error not equipment failure!

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