Superfish Mag-Clean Small

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An aquarium glass cleaner is indispensable.

The handy Mag-Clean unit stays floating if the magnet loses its grip, instead of sinking to the bottom.

Cleaning a tank with Mag-Clean takes no time at all. We recommend that you clean your glass once a week.


  • Mini (for 3mm thick glass or acrylic) 
  • Small (for 5mm thick glass) 
  • Medium (for 10mm thick glass)
  • Large (for 15mm thick glass)

by Joan Best on 28/2/2015

Found this makes cleaning glass very easy . its very strong wont pull apart like some of the cheap ones do

by James Smyth on 30/11/2012

Perfect for my bow front tank fits snug to the glass and easily goes round to the sides without dropping off. It is not the best for really tough algae which may need a scraper or harder cleaning surface, but ideal for the weekly clean,

by Robert Redman on 11/4/2012

Although not the most pleasing to the eye, this magnetic algae scraper does the job very well. The magnet is strong enough to enable it to turn corners and move from font to sides and should you lose magnetic contact it floats to the surface, so you don't have to dip your arm in your tank. The mag-clean is well priced and works well. The only downside is the slightly curved corners make it less than perfect in the hardest to reach places but this can be said of most items of this type.

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how to clean the tank using the mag clean

Put one side on the outside of the tank and one side on the inside

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