Superfish Gravel Scoop S

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  • Materials: plsatic
  • Model: a4040015
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A very handy small scoop designed for smaller aquariums. Use the scoop to liternally spoon into your substrate or gravel and either move it from the bag to your tank or elsewhere.

Soft plastic ensures it won't scruff or damage your aquarium and the holes in the scoop are small enough for water to escape but not too big for gravel or substrate.

Scoop is 60mm wide.

by David? R. on 11/4/2019

A little pricey. Perfect for transporting shrimp (as long as they don't jump!) I used this item to rescape my tank and mix new and existing substrate together. It works well for me.

by Eric P. on 26/2/2019

It’s a scoop for gravel, I scooped gravel with it. Not a lot more to add.

by david H. on 3/2/2019

nice little tool, saves getting your hands dirty and so no dirt in your nails!!

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