Superfish Easy Plant Background 30cm (No 6) EOL

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  • Dimensions: 30 x 10cm
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The Superfish Easy Plants have been specifically designed to look as natural and life-like as possible.

They offer a natural look as well as providing a hiding place for your fish. Made from superior materials copying the natural beauty of real plants, these are easy to keep clean.

Due to the heavy weight base they are self sinking so planting is easy and stress-free.  

At 30cm in height and approx 10cm wide these plants are particularly suitable for the back or middle of the aquarium (depending on the size of your aquarium).

The ideal alternative to live plants!

You will find the Interpet Plastic Plant and Ornament Cleaner helpful in the related products below. Over time plastic plants can get a build up of algae, minerals and organic deposits which can look unsightly and can be difficult to remove with water. The below cleaner will easily remove and clean these stains bringing your plants back to 'new'.

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