Superfish Aqua Syphon

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Handy compact pump with siphon kit for water changing and substrate vacuum cleaning.

Simply squeeze the pump and the water will automatically flow up through the tube into your bucket. 

Comes with a detachable suction tube for removing waste from the gravel or substrate and a protective guard so you don't suck it away. Whilst the water is being siphoned up the tube, plunge the end of the siphon into the gravel and gently pull it away, this way all the debris in the gravel will be sucked away.

No need to take a mouthful of tank water any more!

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by Roberta Naylor
Much easier to use but the holes can clog with gravel when cleaning. Thankfully it is simple to stop and start again with this syphon.

by Robin Berry
I purchased the Superfish Aqua Syphon and have used it twice, it works very well no more sucking on pipes to start the syphon, just squeeze the bulb and away it goes. the flow rate is good and the strainer on the end allows you to clean the gravel very well, I have a sand sub straight and it does drawer up the sand, but that is not a bad thing as the sand can be clean and replaced in the tank. Great product that does the job well.

by Gina Field
Really easy to use and very effective for quick water changes.

by Martin Lynch
Really great simple product I wish I bought this 10 years ago. The cover is really good and stops fish being sucked up too

by Craig Magee
This was a "oh go on then..." purchase. It was cheap to buy, looks cheap and feels cheap - but, it works - so 4 stars. It lost a star because it looks and feels like a novelty kids bathtime toy that you might buy at Blackpool front. :) lol.

by Lee Mellor
First thing i noticed with this product was the inline manual pump which having used syphons were u shake vigorously up and down to get going was a immediate relief. So i bought it purely on that and the price was definately worth a gamble! Upon delivery i opened it up and firstly i thought hmmm...looks cheap...but straight away tried it out and actually very impressed how easy it worked! A few squeezes and it was syphoning very well...nice fast flow Very happy with the product for the cost and also it helps when filling up after water change!

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how many tubes do you get in the box, when lookinh at the picture on front of box it looks like you need two connections of tubing for the blue tap ?


1 tube

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