Staurogyne bihar

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  • Dimensions: Maximum height 20-30cm
  • Model: 1484
  • Origin: South America
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Staurogyne sp. "Bihar" originates from the north Indian state Bihar and this is where this beautiful aquarium plant gets its name from.  Some consider it a Hygrophila species, but it flowers just like a Staurogyne, and this is what experts believe it originates from.

When this aquatic plant is submerged, it looks a bit Like Hygrophila pinnafida. Although it's been popular and widely available in the US for a long time, Europe has been slow to adopt for some reason. It's a pretty plant and will do very well in the UK hobby.

by Mohamed Mahasseb on 23/9/2015

When this plant arrived healthy and very well packed I was not surprised as I am used to it by now like all plants from A and E. After a few days in my tank it looked like fresh mint with this lovely light and vibrant green leaf it does remind me very much with what we had in our house all the summer long which we used to get from the garden fantastic plant I am so happy with it every time I walk pass the tank I have to look at it.

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