SpiderWood - X Large (50-60cm approx)

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  • Dimensions: 50-60cm approx
  • Model: A4080085
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This is X-Large Spiderwood - the picture DOES NOT reflect the piece you will receive and is purely an illustration.


It's sold in size which in this case is 50-60cm approx.  These are a guide only and not a guarantee as each piece is different and natural.


If you are after a large size piece and not fussy about the shape, then this is the wood for you. Every piece is different and there's no choice in what you receive apart from it will be classified as medium size.


So many benefits to Spiderwood but below are a few of them:


  • Lovely colour when wet.
  • Great for tying moss to (try java or weeping moss for dramatic effect).
  • Excellent value.
  • Easy to aquascape. Even with little experience, you can be very creative.


Note: It will require soaking prior to aquarium use so it becomes waterlogged and sinks.

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