Shrimp & Shipping

Dead on Arrival (DOA) - For any rare DOA, please contact us by email within 1 hour of delivery with photographic evidence of the dead shrimp in the unopened bag. If you send pictures of shrimp in a bucket or your tank or anywhere else outside of the unopened bag, you have forfeited any credit.

Any shrimp DOA, you will be sent a gift voucher to the value of the shrimp/s lost. Postage is not covered by the Live Arrival Guarantee under any circumstances. However, our packing process is refined and it's unusual to lose any shrimp during transit and our loss rate is less than 0.1%. It's essential that you or someone else is available to sign for the parcel when we ship shrimp. If you opt for a safe place such as 'leave in shed' we cannot be responsible for any dead on arrival.

Acclimatization - When shrimp arrive it is essential to acclimatize them slowly. If you follow our instructions the acclimatization period is correct. If your shrimp die after acclimatising, you have rushed it.

Take the bag of shrimp and place them in a small bucket or container that can hold roughly 3 times the amount of water that is already in the bag. Release the shrimp into this bucket and over the next 45 minutes, drip water from your tank into the bucket. When you have added approx 3 times the amount of water that was in the bag, use a net to remove the shrimp from the bucket and add them to your aquarium (without adding any of the water that came with them). When you do release your shrimp try to avoid any fish that may be interested it them. Your shrimp may also hide immediately - this is not unusual.

Water Conditions - Shrimp are intolerant of Ammonia, Nitrite and any medications that contain Copper - please check your water conditions first. If there are any levels of these in your water, your shrimp may perish. Shrimp are also part of the food chain so be careful which fish you choose to house them with and it's also worth considering the strength of your filter - too powerful and it could easily suck them up.

Nutrition - Although shrimp are massive consumers of algae they also need protein in their diet - this is a must. It is not uncommon to see shrimp eating other shrimp/fish that may have died for example. Supplement them with a quality shrimp feed available on the site. An excellent diet is particularly important for CRS and we have the widest range of shrimp food available in the UK.

Shipping outside of the UK - we don't send shrimp outside of the UK.