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The word Hayai means fast in Japanese and this is the inspiration of this particular mixed box of 12 plants. This selection is all fast growers and great for startups where plants need to absorb the waste products that are produced early on in a tank, particularly when it's cycling. Ammonia is the number one food source for algae and plants can utilise this nutrient as fast as algae can. So why not let your plants absorb it before the algae do? Makes sense huh...

The plants in this Mixed Box of Hayai are exactly what you will receive.

Kit Components
2 XClinopodium browneiClinopodium brownei

Found in South America the Clinopodium brownei is actually a herb which is also know as lindernia anagallis. This particular plant is very decorative and is best suited for your Midground, however regular trimming is needing to keep this plant in control.

This beautiful plant also gives off a strong mint smell, try planting amongst rocks for the best effect to your tank.



2 XAlternanthera cardinalisAlternanthera cardinalis

Alternanthera cardinalis is a fine-looking bushy, stem plant with sturdy red/purple stems and long, pointy attractive leaves. It originates from South America and needs plenty of light to develop the red/purple leaves. With the addition of CO2, this plant will grow up to 50cm in height. If there is a lack of micronutrients this plant will suffer and the leaves will become pale in colour.

This engaging plant will bring instant vibrancy and colour to your aquarium. As with all stem plants grow in groups of two and up. A beautiful yet slightly demanding plant.

2 XHydrocotyle leucocephala (Brazilian pennywort)Hydrocotyle leucocephala (Brazilian pennywort)

Originating from Southern Mexico the Hydrocotyle leucocephala is one of the less demanding aquatic plants happy in most tanks, this little beauty is perfect for beginners. You can train this plant to grow around wood or along the floor by tying to wood or weighing down. Alternatively you let just let it grow, where it can reach heights of up to 60cm.

This is a perfect plant for covering air pumps or filters etc. Just plant in a good substrate and use Aqua Fine Line to tie to whatever you want it to cover...simple.

2 XLudwigia palustris redLudwigia palustris red

Originating from Central America the Ludwigia palustris comes in both the 'red' and the 'green' varieties. The name relates directly to the colour of the leaves once the plant is submersed.

These particular plants are very tolerant to different water temperatures, they can even be planted around ponds in the summer. Good levels of light and CO2 this plant will flourish and change the colour portfolio of your plant. Planted alongside green plants or dark rocks only highlights its beauty.

2 XHygrophila polysperma (Indian Swampweed)Hygrophila polysperma (Indian Swampweed)

Hygrophila polysperma is one the easiest plants to grow, suited for beginners and new set ups as it just keeps growing whilst absorbing excess nutrients. Originating from India, the polysperma grow very fast and often need trimming. Under good lighting the shoot will turn a reddish-brown.

When planting this plant in the substrate try using 2 or 3 rocks to surround the stem, this will highlight the plant and help bring out the colour.

2 XEchinodorus bleheri (Amazon sword)Echinodorus bleheri (Amazon sword)

One of the most popular 'Amazon-swords' the Echinodorus bleheri'  can grow up to 50-60 cm in height and the mature plants can have up to 50 leaves, each growing around 3-6cm in size. Also known as Echinodorus paniculatus it's really easy to grow and will require little care for hobbyists making it perfect for beginners and up. Because this aquarium plant grows large, it's often used as a focal point so bear that in mind. However, in larger tanks, they look better placed behind stones.

In a CO2 infused tank, you'll be amazed at how quick new leaves grow and if you look carefully you will also see tiny oxygen bubbles coming from the leaves, another indication that it's growing fast.

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