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Seachem Flourish Excel 250ml

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Flourish Excel™ is a source of bioavailable organic carbon. All plants require a source of carbon. This is typically obtained from CO2, but, may also be derived from simple organic compounds (such as photosynthetic intermediates). The use of either CO2 injection or Flourish Excel™ does not necessarily negate the use of the other. Because the processes of producing photosynthetic intermediates and building onto them occur simultaneously, one can derive a substantial benefit with the use of Flourish Excel™ either alone or in conjunction with CO2 . The combination is particularly ideal for situations when continuing to add CO2 could result in dangerously low pH levels. Flourish Excel™ also has iron reducing properties which promote the ferrous state of iron (Fe+2), which is more easily utilized by plants than ferric iron (Fe+3).

Why It's Different

The reason plants need CO2 is to produce longer chain carbon compounds also known as photosynthetic intermediates. Photosynthetic intermediates includes compounds such as ribulose 1,5-bisphosphate, and 2-carboxy-3-keto-D-arabinitol 1,5 bisphosphate. Although the names are complicated, the structures are quite simple (5 carbon chains). Flourish Excel™ does not contain these specific compounds per se, but one that is quite similar. By dosing with Flourish Excel™ you bypass the involvement of CO2 and introduce the already finished, structurally similar compounds. It is in its structural similarity that Flourish Excel™ is able to be utilized in the carbon chain building process of photosynthesis. Simple chemical or enzymatic steps can easily convert it to any one to any one of the above named compounds (or a variety of others).


On initial use or after a major (> 40%) water change, use 1 capful (5 mL) for every 40 L (10 gallons*). Thereafter use 1 capful for every 200 L (50 gallons*) daily or every other day. Dosing may be slowly increased in high-growth aquariums. For smaller dosing please note that each cap thread is approximately 1 mL.

Date Added: 25/05/2015 by Trevor Thorpe

Arrived in less than 24 hours, thanks!

Date Added: 19/08/2014 by Murat Dandin

I thank you for the shipment...

Date Added: 04/05/2014 by Colin Jones

Great product. Together with flourish makes my plants healthy.

Date Added: 22/04/2014 by Colin Jones

Just started shopping with aqua essentials and I love it already. Lots of fantastic products to choose from. As for flourish excel only just started using it so a bit to early to review yet, but I've read loads of fantastic reviews about it. Just ordered the flourish to go with it so hopefully they will do wonders for my plants.

Date Added: 29/11/2012 by Sean Jenkinson

Not had this for very long so can't see any major difference in the plants, they seem healthy though, growing at a steady pace, delivery was good.

Date Added: 14/11/2012 by Adrian Kisiel

i just start use, later i will say somethings about quality, i have beard algae problem.

Date Added: 18/07/2011 by Colin Chase

I have a 200litre Rena tropical tank with proper water plants (and about 30 fish).For whatever reasons I could never sustain the bright greeness of the plants or indeed avoid black algae despite a four stage external filter system. Then about 8 months ago it was recommended I use Flourish Excel and together with regular filter tank changes the plants regained and now mantain their healthy colours. I got rid of all black algae and the fish are certainly as active as ever .. so no adverse reactions there. I do sometimes get a bit of string algae that easily removed but one capful of Excel every other day sure does the tank a world of good in combination with the filter system.

Date Added: 23/04/2007 by Daniel Mathias

I've only been using this product for about 2 weeks so I can't comment much upon the effects of the product on plant growth, but I can confirm that, in my small planted tank, it has had a dramatic effect on the hair algae. In a period of 2 weeks it has essentially eliminated what was quite a bad case of hair algae. Highly recommended by me!

Date Added: 25/11/2005 by Patrick Cornally

This product is amazing. I've been keeping fish for years but always used plastic plants. I decided to buy a complete plant selection for my 375L discus tank but didn't really know much about them. After about 2 weeks some of them started turning yellow and developing holes and growth was not happening at all. I looked into getting a co2 system but for a tank this big it was extremely expensive and way more involved than I wanted to get into and then I came across this product. I bought Flourish and Flourish excel at Aqua Essentials and the results were amazing. All plants gradually returned to full vibrant colour and growth is unbelievable. My ferns and some other plants who's names I don't know, all started growing to the top of the tank within days. I cut about 3" off the top of my ferns and replanted them elsewhere in the tank and within 1 week they were all hitting the water surface. I couldn't recommend it more and at this point have no interest in setting up a big co2 system. If I could give it more than 5 stars I would.

Date Added: 10/04/2005 by Golan Cohen

Seachem's Flourish Excel is an interesting product. It supplies an organic carbon source for plants, a source that is lacking in tanks where no carbon dioxide is added. Since I have started using it on my non-CO2 tank, I have seen a great improvement in plant growth, all plants were given a boost and have started growing faster than they have been growing before, even the more demanding plants seem to enjoy this product and are now growing faster. Also, this product has an interesting side effect as many aquarists (me included) have reported that the algae in their tanks turned red and then died within weeks of using this product. I recommend this product for anyone who has a planted tank and don't/can't add CO2. It really does make a difference.

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Is this product safe with algae and rock shrimps? Thanks

Yes as long as you dose according to instructions, no problem

i am looking for a fertiliser for a new tank, the plants i have on order from you as we speak. I will be using a Fluval 88g CO2 kit and flora base with those plants. What would be a good fertiliser to get things going as want t grow a carpet as quickly as possible? Also if you can let me know when you have some Grade A Crystal Red Shrimp in and how long would i need to leave the tank before i could introduce them. thanks Ben

You'll need to use Neutro+ in that case and either flourish excel or Neutro CO2. We're not stocking Crystal reds at the moment but do have Cherry shrimp. You can add them 3 weeks after you have started your tank or when your nitrite levels read zero.

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