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Seachem Clarity 250ml

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Manufacturer: Seachem


ClarityTM is the ultimate clarifier for both fresh and saltwater. It employs an advanced polymeric flocculating agent that is both reef and plant safe. ClarityTM is the only clarifier on the market that does it all! ClarityTM will clear all types of clouding including, but not limited to, chemical clouding and particulate clouding (i.e. stirred up gravel bed). Freshwater and Marine. Plant and reef safe.

Why It's Different

Many companies manufacture multiple products to clear up each type of cloudiness and each different environment (e.g. freshwater, marine, reef, etc.). Some companies have developed products that will clear most types of cloudiness, but their application requires two separate bottles of product. Clarity contains compounds that will clear all types of cloudiness in all environments. Clarity contains both precipitating and flocculating agents in the same bottle, enabling all types of cloudiness to be removed in one dose.

Upon adding ClarityTM to the water, you will see a cloudy haze begin to form. This is normal and means that ClarityTM is beginning to work.

The water is filled with tiny pieces of floating matter that were not visible to the naked eye. ClarityTM makes those pieces of matter begin to clump together. As they clump together they form larger peices of matter that are now visible, hence the cloudiness. Once this matter has clumped together, it is a simple matter of mechanical filtration to remove the residue. Matter that was once too small to get caught in filter media is now in large enough clumps.


Use 1 capful (5 mL) for every 80 L (20 gallons*). In some situations the cloudiness may increase slightly after adding ClarityTM, however this is normal and is a sign that ClarityTM is actively working. Rapid clarification will follow. In the case of chemical or particulate clouding clean filter filter floss or cartridge after tanks clears. (Note: The 2 & 4 L container's cap is 10 mL)

Date Added: 18/11/2014 by Mark Stockton

I purchased this from a recommendation from Richard as I was having trouble with water clarity due to filter issues. it does what it says on the tin. I have since upgraded my filter and no longer have a clarity issue but like to have some on hand just in case. Once again great advice from Richard and the team.

Date Added: 02/05/2014 by Colin Crawford

Definitely does what it says! It makes the tank water super clear by allowing the filter to trap the finer particles in the water. This product really must be used with filter wool to achieve the best results. I do feel this product doesn't work as quickly as other water clarifiers such as API's version, but nonetheless it still works great.

Date Added: 28/02/2011 by Clare Costello

Excellent product. Well worth the buy. Will keep using it. Makes fishtank water "invisible"!

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