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The great thing with these 'Scaped For You' Collections is that all the hard work is done for you!

'Scaped For You' Collections are ideal for those of you who just want to choose a setup and not have the hassle of having to choose the plants you need to replicate it. These collections come complete with all the plants, wood or rock needed for the aquascape you have chosen.  The Collection even comes with an easy to understand diagram showing you exactly where to position the plants and materials.

Desert Wood 54L is an open aquarium with a nice little moss and Anubius barteri "Petite".

Desert Wood consists of two pieces of Redmoor wood with the bottom layer consisting of Maui fine sand with flat pieces of Dragon sone and Caledonian pebbles. The pebbles form a effective borderline with the Maui fine sand.

The aquarium is open top so it is possible to allow the plants to grow above the waterline.

The gravel used in this collection is called Maui fine Sand which can be purchased separately using the following link,https://www.aquaessentials.co.uk/unipac-maui-fine-quartz-aquarium-sand-10kg-p-5205.html

Plants in this collection are,

1 x Anubias 'Petite' (A)

1 x Anubias barteri var nana (B)

1 x Vesicularia ferriei 'Weeping' (C)

1 x Hygrophila pinnatifida (D)

1 x Staurogyne repens (E)

Hardscape materials in this collection are:

2 x Redmoor wood

1kg x Dragon stone in two pieces

1kg x Caledonian pebbles

Please be aware that in the majority of cases, all plants in the collection are available to send out immediately however there may be times when a particular plant is not available, we will substitute as closely to that plants as possible.  For example if Alternanthera cardinalis is not available we will pick another species of this plant and if one Cryptocoryne is not available we will pick another Cryptocoryne that looks the most similar.

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